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Re-Marketing actions

Remarketing (also called re-targeting) is a way of getting previous users to come back to your website. There are 2 core reasons why you would like to do this.

How to use this feature?

Remarketing (also called re-targeting) is a way of getting previous users to come back to your website.

Remarketing can be done through several platforms such as Google Adwords and most social media platforms. They allow you to expose users who’ve previously visited your website with ads.

Remarketing is an effective but also expensive strategy. The cost of a remarketing click is usually significantly higher than what the cost-per-click for a first-time click.

Therefore, it is important to know the optimal remarketing period. This ensures that you don’t run the remarketing campaigns for too long and wasting money on fruitless remarketing. Subsequently, it ensures that you convert as many users as possible within the timeframe.

The feature will also tell you what your recommended remarketing sources should be.

How do we know this?

Canecto monitors how often your converting and non-converting users have returned to your website. The system knows how many times a converted user visited your site. It also knows which marketing source that drove them back on your site.

This makes it possible to calculate the ideal length and to calculate the perfect source mix for you.

The ideal remarketing duration is based on the period of time where 75% of your users convert. Following the actions, you will get 75% of your potential conversions. If your customer value is high, then you might want to extend that period.

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