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Get the most out of your remarketing campaigns

Most businesses does online campaigns include remarketing as a core component. This is because usually it is only a very small amount of users who convert the first time they visit your website.

You need to build a relationship with your users before they are willing to become your customer. And for this, you need to retarget your messages to them.

On one hand, you do not want to miss out on business you will never get if you do not do enough remarketing.

On the other hand, you do not want what to overspend your budget on users who never end up being your customers anyway.

How can I create the best remarketing campaign?

The Canecto remarketing tool tells you exactly when to stop remarketing, so you get the most out of your budget while not missing opportunities by stopping too soon.

On top of that the tool will tell you what your optimal remarketing channel split should be, so you know where to focus. You even get the same recommendations for your social media and general marketing spendings.

You will get the ideal duration of your remarketing campaign divided onto each target page. Any retargeting campaign that exceeds the recommended range is most likely not going to drive significant business to your site.

You will also receive recommendations about which platforms are the most efficient when doing remarketing.

How does it work?

The algorithm looks for how long time it takes for visitors who visited your website for the first time without converting until they come back to your website and converts on your target page. Canectos algorithms monitor the sources of your converting users, and how often they revisit your site (in a GDPR compliant matter where no personal user information is saved).

This enables the Canecto algorithms to select the ideal efforts you should put into the components of your marketing strategy that involves the selection of your media spread.

Select your goals

Log on to your Canecto dashboard and select your desired goals. A goal can be any page, PDF or formula on your website.

It is simple to do and can be done without adding any new code to your site.


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