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How to choose the right goals?

What are Action Goals?

Action Goals are specific actions you want your users to do on your website e.g. go to specific pages, download a pdf or fill out forms. Users who meet your goals are called converting users.


Types of goals

You can select three goals. Goals can be within different categories.

  • Target page
  • Form
  • Download

Canecto automatically scans your site and find any form or files that can be downloaded (PDF’s). You can see all available forms or downloads in the drop-down box.

You can configure your goals in your settings.


Do I loose data if I delete a goal?

No. If you delete a goal then you can always reintroduce a goal. All historical data are saved for all goals, that you have previously worked with.

Can I choose more than three goals per site?

No, you have to prioritize which the three goals, that are the most important for your business.

Why is there a traffic light staus on each goal?

Canecto will tell you if your chosen goal receives a sufficient amount of traffic for us to analyze your data. The colors tell you whether you’ve chosen a goal that receives enough data:

Green = chosen goal OK
Yellow = chosen goal possibly OK
Red = Chosen goal is not receiving enough traffic

Many potential goals on a website are by nature low on traffic. However, it can be a problem collecting enough data and making valid findings, if the goal receives a low amount of traffic.

Alternatively, you can select a more stable goal on the same journey, that receives more traffic (marked green).

What if I can't find a form in the drop-down menu?

The system automatically scans for forms on your site. However, some forms might have been coded in a way where they can not be detected as a regular form. In such cases, they are not possible to select as a target goal.


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