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Don’t waste your money on marketing initiatives with no return of investment.

Most companies spend a lot of money on advertising and other marketing initiatives on  social media marketing. However, most of the time money are being wasted on the wrong platforms and wrong audiences. Marketing budgets are being wasted guessing in the dark.

It is creating transparency based on your own data. Get recommendations on what to spend your money on and what NOT to spend your money.


Stop guessing and spend your marketing budget wisely based on data-driven recommendations. Canectos AI assistant will tell you:

  • Which social media platforms is best to create attention, build relationships or make sales
  • Which social media channels to use for advertising and how much to spend on each channel
  • Which social media channels you are wasting your time and money on
  • Whether to spend money on retargeting marketing and on which platforms, for how long and how much to spend on it

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