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Social Media

Improve your social media efforts

Social media efforts are designed to drive users to a website and to do branding and build relationships through social media platforms.

It is easy to get the branding information you need. All social media platforms provide easy access to how well your brand is creating engagement and traction among your users on their platform.

However, they don’t tell you how well your activities on social media convert into sales. The measurement of real performance on social media platforms isn’t transparent.

Sometimes this is because they can’t measure it and sometimes it is because it’s not in their best interest to show you the transparent picture of your businesses performance of their platform.

This problem is solved in your Canecto report. The report monitors the effectiveness of your social media. It identifies the areas amongst all your social media activities where you have the best option of gaining the most customers.

How can you work Social Media recommendations

The social media recommendations let you know where you can gain the most value from your social media efforts. We identify the areas where you are able to get the most quality traffic from social media and from which platforms users are most likely to convert.


The social media features are build around three core elements:

Recommended actions

Canecto will select one or more sources per target that you should focus on. There is more that one source if Canecto finds that the best way to achieve the predicted result is via a combined combination of multiple sources.

The necessary change

The algorithms have calculated how many sessions more you need from each source. Your task is then to design campaigns or actives that can produce the requested effect.

The predicted result

This is the number of new conversions to your business goal that you can expect if you follow the selected recommendations.

How can I take actions on the Canecto recommendations?

You will learn your best opportunities to increase conversions through social media efforts and execute the hands-on recommendations you are being provided. Take the actions that create the extra needed social media traffic. How this can be done depends on what platforms perform better. The social media recommendations are based on your current efforts.

You will therefore only receive recommendations based on the platforms, which you are already using. If you experiment with new social media initiatives and platforms then your next report will give recommendations best on that (of course only if the efforts were successful).

How does it work?

Canectos algorithms monitor all the social media traffic, that goes into your website. They learn and look for patterns, that can define users who convert to your goals on your target pages.

It then looks to identify the biggest possible converting segments and calculates how much more you can gain from improving your traffic.

The algorithms look for the larges segment sizes that it can see will increase your number of conversions the most.

This segment is selected to you as the recommended segment. The algorithms also know how many extra conversion you would be likely to get by following the recommended actions, and this is what is shown to you as the predicted outcome.

In other words the best possible outcome with the least possible extra effort to you.

Select goals

Log on to your Canecto dashboard and select your desired goals. A goal can be any page, PDF or formula on your website.

It is simple to do and can be done without adding any new code to your site.


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