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Installing the script on your system only takes a few minutes and is basically just a copy+paste task. Everyone can do it!

Do you need help installing your script or do you have any other questions?

Please feel free to contact our support team and we will get back to you shortly:


Installing Canecto on your site

You can find installation tutorials for the most common platforms here:

Tracking script FAQ

You need to install a tracking script on your website for Canecto to work. Normally this is a painless installation process, but questions are inevitable at times. To this end, we have addressed the most common ones in this FAQ.

Log-in FAQ

Do you need to learn more about the login process and product configuration options? Then go to the log in FAQ and get the knowledge on topics such as:

How will GDPR affect Web Analytics?

All EU based companies must now be compliant with the new GDPR law. Canecto is designed so that our customers can be compliant.

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Data concerns FAQ

It is natural to have technical concerns when you work with a third-party software on your online platforms. We have put together a list that covers the typical data concerns that we come across.