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Automated analytics

Get actionable recommendations
on how to improve your website, marketing
and social media strategy

Create your greatest impact

Know where to focus efforts and spendings

Canecto enables digital marketers to focus efforts and spendings in order to obtain the greatest impact. Get knowledge on:

  • Exactly what actions to take

  • How to execute them

  • What you can gain from it.

Get an overview

Get a transparent overview of your web and digital marketing performance.

Receive recommendations

Get specific recommendations on how to pursue the best growth opportunities.

Take action

Easily execute based on your weekly step-by-step reports


If you want to improve your website in a professional, fact-driven way, you need to have a wider perspective on the core elements of your website. Most web analytics tools just look at traffic, but for the best results, you need to look deeper.


Identify your most valuable marketing initiatives by receiving a transplant analysis of their performance and get detailed recommendations on how to convert more users.

Social Media

Improve your social media strategy by getting unique insights into how to utilize your current social media platforms in the best way in order to meet your business goals.

User Journeys

Improve your user journey by getting a transparent picture of how well your most common user journeys are converting users.


Discover what content drive users to convert on your website and which words are important to the converting users.


Understand which traffic sources are generating quality traffic to your website and how well the individual traffic sources are converting users throughout your website.

Canecto is a global success

We are trusted by companies in more than 60+ countries all over the world

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