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The Converter

You have a number of business goals for your website, such as users downloading product descriptors, signing up for your newsletter or contacting you via your contact form. Traditionally, AB Test has been used to optimize conversion goals. With Canecto’s Converter analysis, you can now get a much more nuanced image of the elements that affect users behavior.

There is not one thing that makes the difference. It’s a complex pattern of user interaction with your content that, overall, can explain if a user converts to your goals or not. The image will be visible with the Converter analysis.

The Radar

The content your user reads about on your website is a mirror of their general interest in your business and your products. How much do you know about the most hot topics on your pages. What exactly is that? Is it that same as last week, and is there a difference in what different user groups seemed interesting?

The radar gives you a picture of your users’ interest in your content as they experience it.

The Dashboard

Your website consists of texts, photos, videos, links, etc. But do you know what matters most to the behavior of users and what should you change to achieve your goals, such as keeping users longer on your site? The dashboard tells you which content items perform best in relation to your business goals. You can also get concrete recommendations for which pages to change and where to put your bet. So answer if you are going to hire a photographer, drop Youtube or just write new texts to reach your goals.

The Backlog

The Backlog list is the place where you continuously keep track of which pages on your site should be changed based on specific recommendations. For example, longer texts or more photos. The system stores information about developments over time, so you can see if your site changes has the desired effect.


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