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The technology makes us different

The Technology Makes us Different

The products and service that we provide are unique to us. No one else in the world makes the kind of report that we offer as an automated service. This is because we use technology in a way different to other conventional web analytics.

In the last 15 years all analytics tools have been made using the same core technological approach: descriptive analytics. This means that an analytics application presented data to a person who then–based on his analytics knowledge–could make sense of it. The core problems with such an approach is that:

  • It takes time (and that makes it expensive)

  • It requires human expert knowledge

  • There is great room for interpretation–and errors

Our AI can understand how to improve a websites business performance

Caneto uses Artifical Intelligence to solve the same problem: understanding how to improve websites’ business performance. Our use of technology makes it possible for us to overcome those issues.

Patterns in user behaviour

Our AI looks for patterns in user behavior and identifies the trends that can explain users’ response the best.

A conventional web analytics approach might observe that most converting users were users who came from Social Media channels. So the recommendation would be; do more Social Media.

Our approach looks for patterns and bases the advice on this: It could be that converting users converted because they all visited a single page, and that action made them convert regardless whether they came from Social Media or not. The recommendation, then, would be to focus on getting users to that page because that is the actual key to boosting your site’s conversions.

We holds patents on our technology

Canecto holds a patent on the way our technology works, so you can not get findings like ours on any other platform.


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