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User Journey

Why should you choose to work with User Journeys?

You use User Journeys as a way to identify where you need to make improvements on your site so you can increase your sites ability to convert.


User Journey tells you the pages and paths your users took on their way to a goal on your site. Knowing this helps you to identify what pages you need to improve.


What is User Journeys?

Utilizing User Journeys helps you understand how to improve your users experience throughout your website. The goal is to increase a sites conversion rate.

To do so, you need to know which pages to improve in the core journeys that your users take on your website.

There are two different ways you can address User Journeys:


Content – Improving content core pages, so no-converting users become converting users

Funnels – Determine where your users drop out of a pre-defined journey


Users buy your product because of what they hear and read, so in most cases content improvement is the most effective way for you to improve your user journeys.

You should look at funnels if it is difficult for you users to go from one specific page to another.


Content Matters

In most cases, focusing on content improvements on specific pages is a core responsibility for you.

You must find out where you have the most significant options of making your non-converting users on a page into converting users.


The Growth Report

One tool that lets you do this is the Growth Report. The User Journey section in the report enables you to find pages that have the most significant potential of making your non-converting users convert.


When you have identified where on the journey you can improve the most, the next question you must ask is ”what do you need to change on the relevant pages to make them convert better”.


Ideas on what that could be can be found on the Content and UX sections in the Growth Report.


The content section will tell you what motivated your converting users to take the actions they did. This provides insight on the communication that worked for you in converting your users. Consider doing more of it.


The UX part will show you what you need to change on the page to make it work better for you in more practical terms. It will let you know if elements like your tone of voice and text length are working best for your users.



Most User Journey tools let you monitor your user’s drop-out rate. The idea is to track a specific journey to see where you lose the most users. This is known as a funnel.


This is an intuitively appealing approach, but it must be used correctly.


Our AI algorithms have been analysing thousands of customer journeys and has never found a single journey that covered more than 20% of the total converting users. It is very normal that smaller sites with 250 converting users could have 200 or more journeys to a converting page.


Therefore, looking at your best journey does not always tell you much. They might drop out of that journey, but you do not know if they just embark on one of the many other combinations.


Your users do not navigate on your site in a straight line

The reason for this is that your users do not navigate on your site in a straight line. They go back and forth, and click around. Because they browse your site, they do not always navigate it in a linear way.


So our recommendation is only to look at a given drop-out rate in a funnel if you are very sure that getting users from page A to page B is a real problem to you.


Is User Journey your biggest pain?

User Journey changes can have a significant impact on your sites ability to convert users. For this reason, this is always a substantial area for you to focus on. But, it might not be the most important one to you right now.

If you need ideas on how to know where to focus, you should use the Website Management area to identify the areas that make the most sense for you to look into.

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