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User journey actions

You use User Journeys as a way to identify where you need to make improvements on your site so you can increase your sites ability to convert.

How to use this feature?

The User Journey feature helps you understand how to improve your user journeys throughout your website. It tells you exactly which pages to improve in order to make less users drop out and thereby make more users convert.

Once you have identified the which journey you wish to improve then you need to figure out how to do so. Use the actions and insights from the content and user experience features to help you when implementing the changes. The UX actions can typically be used as an indicator for what action would help improve the user journeys too.


When improving a user journey assess what might be the cause why people drop out of the last page they visited.


Use this checklist to ensure that you do not have:


  • Poor navigation
  • Low quality content
  • Irrelevant content
  • No call to actions (CTA)
  • Too many different messages and CTA’s
  • Unclear communication
  • Low readability          


How do we know this?

We analyze all user journeys towards each target page and identify the pages where making improvements will have the greatest effect on the conversion rate.

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