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User Journey

It is common knowledge that 95% of all users leave a website without conducting any conversion action. The leave and many will never return.

This is the reason why onsite conversion rates are so vital for any company. You should messure whatever action  your users can do, that has business value for you. In this context conversions can be anything that keeps your users in the loop, such as signing up for a newsletter, downloading a product PDF or filling out a contact formula.

The management of how your users move on your site, and what to do to improve the journey is the purpose of this section, because understanding why people perform a converting action is the most vital key to make any substantial changes in your onsite conversion rate

The old way

Until now your options on how to improve your conversion rate has been focused on conversion tools such as A/B testing, funnel analyst and studies of heat maps.
They will tell you how to optimise your GUI components, which of two texts performs the best and where to best distribute the content elements on your page. But if you choose the devil’s advocate approach you could say that is only scratching the surface. A change of button colour or different heading wording is not really what moves your conversion rate substantially.

Forget the Funnels

Any communication expert will tell you that communication has to do with understanding your audience. You need to understand where they are conceptual, how they think and act. This means you should focus on topics such as:

  • How many different user journeys lead to my conversion goal
  • Which user journey performs the best?
  • What have the converting users been interested in?
  • How is the converging user’s interest different that non-converting users?

You would then be able to do the changes on your site that is needed to boost your conversion because you base it on an understanding of your user’s behaviour and intents.

The New Way

Canecto´s User journey gives you insights into where to improve your user journeys and let you know what motivated your converting users. This enables you to both improve your navigation and sharpening your communication messages. And this combined will boost your conversion in ways that will never be possible if you only look at the GUI components that regular AB tools, heatmaps and conventional funnel analysis will let you do.


The User Journey lets you know the core elements that you need to improve your onsite conversion rates.

To set the scene, the section lets you know which journeys your users takes towards your conversion goal. You will understand which ones are the important once, so you can focus on improving the journeys that matter to your users.

Content converts better than any other factor on your site, so understanding how to improve your content and messages are key to a real and substantial conversion rate improvement.

This is possible in the next section of the section. The machine learning algorithms have learned what content matters the most to your users. The algorithms look at both the interest of your converting users and the ones that did not convert, and lets you know:


  • What was the interest of the converted users
  • What was the attention of the nation converting users
  • What areas was only of importance to the converting users
  • What areas was only of interest to the non-converting users


This will make it possible for you to understand the motivation between the converting users and non-converting, and could generate questions such as:


  • What content works for my converting users?
  • Why did specific content make a difference for only one of the groups?
  • What content looks like It has a particular impact on my non-converted users, and what can I do to change this?


Such reflections make it possible for you to get inspiration to improve your site content in a much broader sense than conventional just user journeys. By doing so you can active link and monitor your content impact on your user’s conversions, and it makes it possible to work much more professional with content quality is driven conversion improvement.


The User Journey section has two features:


  • User Journey overview
  • User interest


User Journey overview

The purpose of the User Journey overview is to get an insight into the journeys that generates conversions the best. The feature automatically identifies the three most important once you. The importance will be put into perspective as it compares the traffic against the total number of conversions.


This makes it possible for you to:


  • Understand how are your users navigating towards your conversion goal, including mapping out the most significant journeys
  • Get inspiration for content improvement
  • Identify if you need any changes to your navigation flow
  • Get a sense of which pages are important for your uses, and which are not



User Interest

The User interest area identifies how content drives your user’s conversions in four different areas:


  • The most important content for converting users? – This gives you an insight into understanding what they were focusing on in the process up to their converting and such insights could help you identify which area of your content you could boost.
  • What was only crucial for converting users? – This is core knowledge in your understanding of why your users convert since these areas just were of interest for converting users and this should tricker question on how you can improve content in other parts of your site or perhaps changes in your navigation structure.
  • The most important content for non-convert users? – Knowing what interested your non-converting users could inspire you to meet them more on their turf, and perhaps also get inspiration to why they did not convert.
  • What was only crucial for non-convertent users? – Understanding what content was unique to your non-converting users are the cornerstone knowledge you need to work with to make them into converting users. You would get ideas on what content to change, pages to modify or improve navigation flow away from dead ends.

So you could say that the User interest part of the conversion flow gives you a broad set of understanding the your user’s behaviour and intents, that you can use for significant changes of your site than can help boost your conversions.

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