Scroll to top is developing a new web analytic tool that let you know how the users interact with the content of a website, giving the website owners a new level of insights into the user behavior.

The UX of the tool is vital for the success of the service that we provide. The users must be able to understand both the tool and the information that we provide, so they are able to explore the full potential of the information that the tool can provide to them.

We would like to know if the users are able to understand how to user the tool that we provide, and how we should improve the tool even more. In that respect learning and gamification could be two important factors to explore, because they could teach us how we can design our solution so that remains interesting for our users over time.

Another specific area that we are interested in exploring with a UX perspective is our onboarding procedure. It is of vital interest to us, that the users are able to onboard themselves in a way that sets the scene for how they can benefit from using our service.


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