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User Experience actions

You should work with UX to help eliminate the errors on your site that keeps your users from understanding your communication messages to them. It is done by ensuring that the user’s experience on the site is relevant to them. Hence the name User Experience.

How do we know this?

Canecto monitors your users’ online behavior, and how they interact will all the content and different elements on your website.


The conceptual idea is that it is the content on your website, that makes your users take action on your site. If you understand the dynamic of how your content influences your users to take actions, then you can make a site that is much more relevant to your user’s needs and behavior.


This technology is patented and unique to Canecto. It looks for patterns in how your users interact with your content. It looks for strong correlations between your Goals and the different content elements on your website. The system can also detect if you need to make the users do more or less of a given action.

How to use this feature?

The User Experience (UX) feature helps you understand how to improve your users’ experience when visiting your website. It gives you an overview of which areas to focus on whether it’s navigation, engagement or content. It also tells you how the changes will impact the user experience so you know it the changes are worth the effort.

The UX elements are split into three core areas:


Time on site: Does the time your users spend on your site make a difference for converting your users to your selected action goals? If it does, how important is this element and would it be better for you if your users spend more or less time on your site?

User Journey length: Do the steps in your converting users’ journey have an impact on your websites ability to convert? If it does, would it work better if you increase or decrease your sites user journey length?


Scroll: How much content your users view on a page may have an impact on your sites ability to convert your users. This feature lets you know if scrolling matters on your website. If it does, it will let you know if making your pages longer, moving a call to action elements, or making your pages shorter would be your best improvement options.

Click per user: Does the number of clicks have an effect on your websites ability to convert users? If it does, should you try to increase or decrease the number of clicks?


Readability: How you structure your sentences might affect your sites conversion ability. This feature let you know if your ability to communicate in precise sentences makes a difference in your sites ability to convert site users. You will get to know if making your communication more precise or not will have an impact on your conversions.

Tone of voice: How appropriate is your site communication?
Understand if you need to change how you address your audience. If it matters, you will get you to know if making your tone of voice more or less formal has an impact on your conversions.

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