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Weebly installation guide

Getting started

Canecto is installed automatically on your Weebly site when you install the app from the Weebly app store.

You will be able to log into your dashboard and monitor the progress of your instalment. The system has to perform four tasks before your first web analytics report is ready for you:


1. Install the app on your site
2. Start collecting data
3. Running the AI algorithms
4. Generating your first report


The app will be installed automatically when you have installed Canecto on your Weebly site. It will also start collecting data automatically. All in all the process from instalment to your first report takes up to 5 to 7 days to be completed.

Patterns in your users behaviour

It is not ready out of the box from day one because the system looks for patterns in your user’s behaviour. The time it takes to finish this depend on how many users you have on your site, and how to manage pages you have. So, a smaller site with many users will be done faster than a bigger site with few visitors.

Then the AI will run. There are over 20 different AI models – as we call them – that will look for patterns in your user’s behaviour. Some are designed to look for patterns in interaction with your text – how you are writing style influences user to take actions. Others AI models look for how you get traffic onto your site, and predicts the best performing segments to you.

When the AI is done, the report is sent to you in your intray.

Next steps

Set goals

When you have received your first report, then you can set conversion goal. The goals should be your key business metrics for your site. They should represent the user actions that are the most important for you. Like getting to the shopping basket, or signing up for your newsletter.

The reason you can not select goals for the first report is that the system needs to know which pages have enough traffic for you to set goals that the AI models would be able to get a valid finding from. This requires that the learnings from the first report should be finished first.

Set distribution frequency

After your first report is done, you have the options of setting the distribution frequency of your reports. Some prefers to get a report every week so that they can montoir their sites progress quite often. Others use the report more as a management report and only needs to have a new every week. So. both options are available to you. You set this in your dashboard.

Set data rage

Setting the data content of the report is possible. You can either choose the last week or the previous 30 days. The shorter period is excellent if you want to follow the effect of new actives on your site. The larger period is designed to give you broader insights into how the trends are on your site.


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