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Welcome to Canecto

and welcome to getting automatic web analytics

You are all done for now, and do not have to do anything else.

Getting automated web analytics means that you:

  • Will never have to guess what to improve on your website

  • Do not have to learn web analytics

  • Do not have to spend time on web analytics.

This is possible because Canecto’s AI algorithms analyse your website. They learn how your site is performing and find your best improvement options.

Your first report

All the findings are presented to you in an easy-to-read PDF report that you receive directly into your inbox.

The system takes seven days to learn your users’ behaviour. This means that you will get your first report in seven days from now.

While you wait

Our goal in Canecto is to help you become a truly data-driven online business owner. The cornerstone element in this effort is your grown report.

We have also created different kinds of knowledge areas that can help you understand how you can get even more out of your site in different ways:


How to grow your online business

How to grow your online business: Know in a non-tech way the process of how you can use web analytics findings to grow your business.


Content Analytics

Content Analytics. One of the advantages of using AI to do web analytics for you is that AI can be used to let you know how your content performs in a new way. Few companies are working in this field yet, so we have made a section that lets you in on how to benefit from this new area.

Web Analytics Wiki

Web analytics Wiki: A walkthrough of the terms that are used in the web analytics word. Described in a way that a non-expert could understand.

A to Z

A to Z: Explanations on what to do if you need to focus on specific development of your site. Like getting better conversion rates, or more quality traffic.

The Canecto Blog

The Canecto blog: Know the latest in the field of automated analytics, including our latest findings

The Report guide

Understand how to get the most out of your Growth Report. The report is divided into five steps. Follow the steps in order to ensure choosing the right area of improvement. Get inspiration on how to implement the recommended actions.


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