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Social, traffic & content analytics in one report

Use Canectos automated reports to increase the conversion rates on your website. Doing so is possible through all of the insights and hands-on recommendations you will gain based on your users’ behaviour on your website.

The reports cover several key aspects of digital initiatives. Whether your website, social media platforms or partner sites leads users to convert this will be taken into account when analysing the value of and effectiveness of your efforts.


We analyse all the traffic on your website, so you don´t have to. The traffic feature contains all the necessary traffic data. It also gives you the hottest leads allowing you to focus on targeting selected target markets who are most likely to convert

Social Media

Analytics for your social media platforms efforts. Get a transparent picture of the efficiency of your advertising and overall initiatives on social media. This feature helps you create most the ideal journey for your users on social media.


Get an overview of the quality of your content. You will get insights into which content help you convert customers and which content has the opposite effect. The perfect tool for content marketers.


Improve your user journeys and increase your conversion rate. This feature enables you to optimise the most critical user journeys on your website. For anyone who preferer to make data-driven improvements instead of guessing what to do next.

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