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Who is Canecto for?

Our web analytics tool is for those who are in charge of a website but are too busy to make web analytics themselves.

With Canecto, your time is spent better on managing your site and ensuring everything is on track.


Your time is better spend on your business

Not only will you acknowledge the value which the analysis will provide, but the stress of completing the analysis yourself is also taken off completely as what you’ll get is a completed result of the analysis.

You and your colleagues already spend a lot of effort creating the right content for your site; your boss will demand an overview of how users use your online content and follow-up on your business goals. All that takes time that you do not have. However, with Canecto the process is simplified.


Insights based on user behavior

Canecto gives you insight into the user behaviour that your boss demands and gives you concrete recommendations on where you and your colleagues should improve on your website. Another good thing is; you can share all without wasting time, whenever it suits you.

You do not depend on external reports

You no longer need to wait for an agency report or to get a specialist to create an Analytics report from Google Analytics for you. With Canecto, you always have the latest recommendations for the improvements and a fresh analysis of user behaviour. And best of all, everything is automatic without the need to spend time analysing the data.

Fact based discussions

You even get the opportunity to send tasks directly to your colleagues, based on specific recommendations from the system. This gives you transparency and ensures that you talk about the same thing and that they understand why the changes should be made.

Advanced AI tool

Canecto gives you insights and recommendations based on user behaviour. You can not get any other tool today in the world. We are the only web analytics tool that uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms based on user behaviour and how they interact with your content. Our algorithms learn how the users’ behaviour on your site is and the patterns we see can build recommendations around.

Understand user behaviour

Canecto seeks to understand what the background of your user’s actions is on your website.  The conventional tools can only describe the behaviour. It’s a significant difference for you because if you can understand the patterns of your users’ actions, then you gain insight into their world; that is far deeper than if you just describe their actions. Canecto gives you a far better foundation for lifting your site into new levels of quality, no matter what the goals of your site would be.

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