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Install Canecto on a WordPress site

There are different ways you can install the script on your WordPress site. We recommend that you use the Canecto WordPress plugin.

The Canecto Plugin

  • Easy to install and implement
  • It is safe
  • Don’t risk losing data
  • No decrease in website performance (will not run slower after installment)

How to install the Canecto SiteID on a WordPress site

It can be done in one minute. All you have to have ready is your Canecto welcome mail. You need your SiteID from it. Thats all.

Your two step installment

Step 1: Install the plugin

Step 2: Paste in your SiteID

Thats it. You are done and has your first data in 24 hours.

How to locate your SiteID?

You find the SiteID in the Welcome mail. You should look for this section of the mail:

Instal the script yourself

You can also copy paste the code into your heading, or you can use Google Tag Manager. Instructions on how to do this can be found here:

Google Tag Manager
Install the script