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 How to work with an AI Assistant

What is an AI web assistant?

Using an AI-based assistant makes a lot of sense for you a website owner. Our AI models can understand a level of complexity that is beyond human capability, and you can benefit from this in many ways. Here is how.

Increased focus and reduction of complexity


Beyond everything else, the benefit of using an AI model for web analytics is that they help you focus on what has business value with no friction:

You do not need to understand sophisticated data analytics. And even if you do, you do not have to spend time on it.

The models are capable of presenting business-relevant information to you when you need it.

Faster and more precise than any human could.

The red shoe case

The mindset is illustrated in this illustration. In the case, a website sells shoes. A change in customer preferences accounts, so that red shoes are now popular.
In the old way, you would have found out about this via accessing a web analytics tool. A webmaster would some point notices this in his work. He would then present this information to the people who would need to take action on it. In this case Sales and Marketing.

In the new way, we remove the webmaster´s task of monitoring changes in a web analytics tool. Instead, the AI assistant recognises significant differences in user behaviour and instantly notifies the relevant business lines on it.

It is faster, more precisely and does not involve human web administration.

This means that you should approach Canecto as your assistant. Ask it with conversion goals are essential to you, and it will tell you how to change your content and traffic flows to optimise them.

The good assistant

A good assistant notifies you when important events occur, and how your business is doing. Canecto does too. It will send you daily traffic reports and weekly recommendations reports.


When significant events happen, Canecto will tell you about this also.

So in a way, you do not use Canecto as a tool. You use it as an assistant. You tell your assistant what is important to you, and it will monitor it for you and lets you know how you can do things better.

How does an AI assistant work?

You are not getting one AI assistant. You are getting many.

Canecto is using a set of machine learning models that each has different focus areas.

One model watches you how your content affects your users time on site. Another one uses Natual Language Processing to understand the content of your site.


All in all, you will have more than 20 different AI models working for you.


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